Eh! Wot?

An overly busy fella.

I really need a shower. And a nap.

After a 3 day weekend camping it’s looking like a quiet week this week. I’m looking forward to having tons of time to work on my backlog of photos to process and develop as I’m already 2 trips behind and if I’m not careful it’s going to get even more out of hand at the […]

It’s been (almost) exactly 2 years…

Since I’ve posted anything here. I could have held off another 12 days and made it exact but that seems overly arbitrary and a bit OCD.    I’ve fallen into the easy trap of using FB to power my little life stream, but the format there for deep thoughts just isn’t there.  Plus old content […]

Hiring Games Part 2: The Perfect Candidate

Part 1 is here if you missed it. First off let’s agree on this: there is no such thing. The rockstar / high performer will have zero social or soft skills. The rock steady consistent performer probably won’t wow you with their ingenuity. The friendliest most agreeable most likeable person will probably be useless. This […]

No hiring post, but neat tech

I managed to re-sprain my ankle to some degree this weekend during the Spartan run so I’m less than happy. The trip wasn’t a total wash; I got to play with some alpha tech from work and broadcast a buncha podcasts from everywhere along the way.   If you’re bored give it a listen!

I gotta sleep more

But who has time for that crap? Not me, that’s who.  Going to be traveling to Vegas this weekend for a race and hope to use the airplane time to polish on the 2nd post in my series on hiring. Until then, toodles.

The Hiring Games Part 1: Preface and Culture

It’s like The Hunger Games but less fun.


This is 2 of the most delicious oatmeal raisin cookies ever. I’m testing my willpower- will they still be on my desk tomorrow? Only time will tell. Damn you awesome caterers >_<